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LHH is a world-renowned brand and one of the global leaders in workforce transformation. We are 4,000 thought leaders, business leaders, career consultants, executive coaches, industry experts, client and project managers, and technology professionals.

Whether you need to improve the effectiveness of leaders or teams, or simply help one person succeed or transition in their career, we can help.

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  • I have recently used the services of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH). This was in the context of me having been displaced from my company and role following an acquisition of our business and subsequent integration process. I had been in the same business for almost 18 years, and had progressed within the organisation in various roles up to senior leadership roles.
  • Approaching the future and having to represent myself and my achievements was a challenge that I was not used to and ready for as in my old company, everybody knew who I was, and what my achievements were. This required me to become more deliberate in the decisions and actions I had to take to engage with the market and position myself. I was fortunate that my then employer had made arrangements with LHH to assist me with management of the transition process.
  • Their professional and structured approach, as well as services they had available  to me were very useful in helping me through the process. I found that I was able to ojectively think through, understand and evaluate various options that were available to me with due regard of the dynamics of the market place.
  • I was then able to take appropriate actions, including a very deliberate communication and marketing strategy with a well prepared CV that takes into consideration current best practices in this regard. All of this helped me be more confident and professional about my approach to the market.
  • I would strongly recommend LHH to anybody that is going through a transition process similar to what I had gone through. (Executive in FMCG – 6 month Outplacement program)

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