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We build high-performing executive teams and cultures develop their successors and, when the time comes, plan for a smooth transition of talent


LHH Africa recognises the importance leaders have in the workplace

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LHH Africa recognises the importance leaders have in the workplace.

Without these individuals fellow employees can be unmotivated and discouraged. We strive to aid in the creation of the leaders of tomorrow through the implementation of specialised leadership programs.

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Women in
Leadership Program

This program, focuses on equipping women with the tools and skill-sets to climb the corporate ladder.

Why women?

In South Africa only 1 in every 26 women are hired in a senior management position, only 1 out of 5 directors are female and those statistics need changing. The course includes a workshop with an executive coach who can help individuals identify and develop the leadership capabilities they need to succeed - today and tomorrow.

  • Set up a workshop
  • Empower your women
  • Change the future
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Change Map: For Managers

This service is aimed at Managers responsible for leading and engaging people and teams during organisational change.

The program equips managers to lead, engage and retain talent before, during and after a single change event or throughout ongoing change.

It increases engagement and performance at both the individual and team levels helping organisations to meet their business and financial goals even while in the midst of a transition.

We aim to deliver sustained results through integrated group development and ongoing coaching.

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The Accountable Leader Program

Ideal for Individuals new to their frontline managerial roles or those who have been managers but have not received fundamental skills training to help them be successful.

A blended learning solution designed to accelerate the success of frontline managers by equipping new and existing frontline managers with core skills, mindset and tools to be successful in their roles and lead with greater accountability.

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