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Career Transition

We are one of the global leaders in aiding individuals and companies transition through change and restructuring


Companies in every industry are facing unprecedented change - so they’re transforming their workforces to keep pace.


That can mean helping move people on who lack the correct skills or who no longer fit the business structure, while at the same time moving key people into new roles and finding new talent.

We have the career coaches, programs, and technology to support one employee or thousands around the continent. Our programs can be personalised to support a variety of career paths; entrepreneurship, consulting, freelance and contract roles, portfolio careers and active retirement

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Sport Solutions

We strive to support athletes at all stages of their career, helping them discover their potential and plan for their life beyond the world of competitive sport through a blend of workshops, training and leadership.

Whether able bodied or disabled our Athlete365 Career+ program seeks to change the lives of athletes by providing them with an avenue to learn the necessary skills required for the working world as well as matching their qualifications with our constant flow of employment opportunities.

If you’re an athlete interested in this service or an organisation looking to hire an athlete then contact us today and we’ll show you how this program will be to your benefit.

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