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LHH Sports Solutions is designed to help those working in the African sports industry realize their full potential. The program has been strategically formulated to give athletes the best chance of employment once their sporting careers are over.

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Through the use of expertly crafted modules it aims to teach athletes the skills, tools and knowledge they will need to be ahead of their competition and successful in their transitions.


LHH Sports Solutions features a broad range of offerings, including talent solutions and career development through upskilling and reskilling, leadership development, coaching and career transition for both sports industry employees and athletes.

This service builds on more than 16 years of work by The Adecco Group, LHH’s parent company, which helped more than 50,000 athletes worldwide face the challenges of transitioning from sports into a broader corporate world.

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LHH Africa has an athlete database in place to match athletes with career opportunities that suit them.

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